Original Series Score

Ferhat ile Şirin

by Hasan Ozsut


Ferhat, an ordinary carpenter, stretches into a world of love, richness and darkness at a time he never expected. Stepping from his small workshop to the historical shops of the Grand Bazaar, Ferhat’s path leads to the Karalı Pavilion. The walls of the Karalı Pavilion, where life dragged him, are the witnesses of his past in which Ferhat will fearlessly trace.

The Score

Hasan took a more electronic approach on this one. Blending unexpected sounds and composition styles, capturing the attention and appreciation of the audience. He focused on a sound that underlines the impossible nature of the love affair between Ferhat & Sirin. For him, the coolest part in this project was to develop a score that he initially composes in a more traditional way and later revisiting and approaching these pieces with an electronic music / remix perspective.


Directed by
Mehmet Ada Oztekin
Tolga Saritas, Leyla Tanlar, Cansu Dere


Vocals & Violin
Isil Yucel
Ney & Flute
Burak Besir
Hasan Ozsut
Okan Isik
Cankat Gunel