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Drawers spans a lifetime of 25 years from late 1970’s until today, and examines the tormented universe of teenage sexuality through the eyes of Deniz, a Turkish girl who is born to actor parents, and rebels against her father’s obsessively controlling nature by throwing herself into a life full of drugs, sex and partying. This self-destructive hedonism takes its toll and Deniz ends up in hospital. Drained and alone, she is finally forced to confront the demons of the past. After her painful but liberating journey and months of hospital recovery, she manages to discover herself and furthermore the hidden secrets in her family drawers.

The Score

Focusing on character-driven storytelling, Hasan wrote an intimate score for this picture. Throughout the film the music progresses with the main character Deniz and portrays her sometimes naive and pure other times dark and twisted inner world.

Recorded at Babajim Studios in Istanbul, with a chamber string orchestra, solo bassoon and piano. Hasan is delighted with the sound of the Fazioli grand piano used in this inspiring recording studio.


Directed by
Caner Alper
Mehmet Binay
Ece Dizdar
Taner Birsel

Music Department

Conducted by
Erdem Cologlu
Amparo Edo Biol
Recording & Mixing Engineer
Alp Coksoyluer


Mehmet Yasemin
Batu Ekmekci
Isil Ozsut
Ezgi Tandogan