Original Film Score

Cingoz Recai


Based on a novel, Cingoz Recai is a fictional character in a series of books created by well known Turkish author Peyami Safa. Resembling the French fictional character Arsene Lupin, Cingoz Recai is a gentleman thief that steals from the rich. To settle a personal grudge, the righteous thief Cingoz Recai returns to action and joins a shady gang in a major heist, but a high ranking cop is on to him.

The Score

In this musically active movie, Hasan took a more orchestral approach. The score was recorded with the members of Bulgarian Symphonic Orchestra in Sofia. Hasan’s favorite part was working with the talented cellist Christov Tanev who added a great dimension of passion and a strong attitude to the music.


Directed by
Onur Unlu
Kenan Imirzaligolu
Haluk Bilginer

Music Department

Conducted by
Dejan Pavlov
Catherine Grealish
Recording & Mixing Engineer
Vladislav Bojadijev


Christo Tanev
Hasan Ozsut
Luke Mulholland
Oud / Mandolin
Johann Frank